Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Is shopping easier with a girl or a boy? When the children are small everyone with boys are complaining about how boring the clothes are and wish they had girls as there is a greater variety in what to choose from.

With older boys there only is t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, men you just buy a suit and the proper shirt and tie to change with according to the occasion. With teenage girls you have to get a new outfit every time with the right shoes and accessories and the same jeans and t-shirts as for the boys for every day life.

I just spent hours and hours in town walking in and out of every shop in town, searching and looking for the right outfit as girls “know what they want but can’t find it”. Sore feet and no zest, near to loosing your temper, permanently this time.

Well, in the end of the day, just before I went bonkers a nice dress was found together with matching shoes but no bolero as they are out of fashion. Could have told her that but would she have listened to mummy or known better? And a disagreement about a handbag, still tights, a shawl and accessories to locate and time running out soon.

Thank God for mobile-cams and credit cards! Send the offspring out to town, have them send pictures home of the wanted item in question along with information about the price, say you say and they can debit on their card.

No need to loose your nerve anymore, why did I not think of this earlier?

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