Sunday, 3 June 2007


A brand new head office for the chemical department of the EU has been founded and opened for business June 1st in Helsinki. For the time being there is only a handful of officials but in the coming year more people will be employed to be up and running by full in June next year.

Wonder if they will have any opinions on artemisine, a chemical substance found naturally in Dogwood if I remember it correctly. Artemisine has scientifically been proven effective in the cure of certain forms of cancer as well as highly effective against malaria. As the medical companies want to make a fortune on the exclusivity of new drugs, getting funding for further research might be difficult to raise for a chemical substance originating form a plant and with the plant in question growing freely in the nature for anyone to collect.

Anyway, I have discovered that it is nor “chic” to be concerned about what miseries there are in the country that you live in, people in general are positive to raising money to famine, war or nature catastrophes in far away countries all over the world. People do not want, and they pretend hard not to show they did see, the poor chap who has no where to live sleeping in your doorway. I can not see the idea in not doing something about the every day lives of the citizens of your own country first, then see what else there might be left to do after that.

So I am not sure what I think of these rallies against globalization, the fightning with the police seems stupid enough, but what else is there to do? Nobody listens to your opinions anyway, at least not politicians or senior management in any big company. Just money talks, the more they have the better.

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