Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Vodka or Vodka?

Recently the Finnish national television opened its net site with programs and radio to check out. Now if anybody tells you that program that was on Thursday was so good, and if you get interested you just log onto the homepage and watch it on the net, that is if you have paid your TV license fees.

Actually good as you sometimes forget to save some of your accustomed TV shows out of various reasons, now you won’t have to miss it all by just forgetting.

Today the debate is going to be high in the EU parliament as cats, dogs and Vodka is to be discussed. There is a bill in the parliament concerning selling furs of cats and dogs are to be allowed in the EU. Also the future of Vodka is to be settled today. As the taste of Whisky and Cognac depends on what they are made of and is regulated but laws in difference to Vodka, which is basically pure spirits, pure alcohol and anyone can distil some, well with the right permission of course. With the taste of Vodka not depend on what it is made of, there is a suggestion about with a label marking on the bottle saying what has been used in the production of it if it is not grain or potato, which are mainly used

in distilling Vodka. Well I am no real fan of Vodka but why are only the more southern countries of the EU only allowed to have their own specialities delicious they are, their precious hams, wonderful cheeses, Whisky, Cognac, Champagne only to mention some? Why is the originality and heritage of the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe not as magnificent and important to preserve as the ones of France, Germany, Spain and Italy?

With Whisky the distilled spirits is uncoloured and then placed in oak casks for years, preferably sherry with

Caramel added to give some more colour to it and then bottled. And great difference there is between Whisky, whether Scottish Whisky, malt or blended, Irish Whiskey or Canadian, American bourbon, rye or sourmash Whiskey.You can even taste the difference in a Manhattan cocktail and a Rob Roy cocktail where Whisky and Bourbon is mixed with vermouth to even make it more different to taste. Same drink but different Whisky in both. So what is the difference here, really?

As for Cognac the area where it is distilled determines the name Cognac as well as the grapes used to ferment the wine the Cognac itself is distilled from before being matured in oak casks. Vodka is unflavoured but you still can taste the difference one brand from another, they are not the same.

Even usual tap-water and mineral waters of different brands vary in taste. And if you think they are just the same, well then there is something wrong with your palate!

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