Friday, 1 June 2007

Eggs and chicken

A baby especially designed to prevent its’ sibling from dying in a terminal disease, is being made in Sweden. Is this right or wrong?

As many egg cells as possible are to be gathered from the mother and fertilized by sperm from the father with IVF and the most suitable of the growing embryos is chosen to be implanted into the womb of the mother to be carried out in full in order to retain the stem cells needed from the umbilical cord at birth, transferring them to the needing sibling who might, or might not get well or even survive with this kind of treatment.

As this still is theory, is it not, that it might not work? Is it not?

But fact is that the baby is to be born. How would you feel if you are a result to save your brother or sister? “The only reason we got you, dear, is so that your brother would not die”. ?!? Well, the couple in question as it happens already have two sons with the same disease in question, the older one is dying or has already died of the condition, but still?

Well good news is that from today even if being pregnant you can go to any restaurant here in Finland and there will be no more cigarette smoke as smoking from today on is prohibited in bars and restaurants.

Oddly enough Salmonella infection was recently discovered in Finnish poultry exported to the eastern neighbour in a routine inspection of the meat and this type of salmonella has not been spotted in the EU in any routine tests according to the EU officials. Well the eastern neighbour seems to be quite on the go for the moment, banning imports of meat from an EU country, cutting off gas supplies to other countries in the winter and even performing missile tests. Anyway, now finally the poultry in Finland is let out after its’ involuntary confinement in order to prevent them to catch the avian flu from the migrating birds in the spring. Good for you chicken, now you can be digging happily for grains outdoors again.

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