Monday, 11 June 2007

Left or right?

Scientists have found the gene that makes people left-handed and the scientists believe that the same gene makes the brain lobes develop differently from right handed, when the left side becomes different from the right.

Moving as such is a very traumatic experience for all involved people. You first have to choose what to throw away and what to save. Then pack all your precious things so they will not break, carry all the furniture and boxes you have packed out of your home and carry them once again into the new home.

The whole thing gets even more complicated if you are splitting up or divorcing after many years or living together. Another thing that adds to the turmoil of emotions is the children that also are going through the separation, if to live with mummy or with daddy, what things to keep at mummy’s place and what to have at daddy’s. Sometimes the aftermaths of tearing up a home become too painful and you can just not bear it anymore.

Many parents try hard to keep up with the daily lives of their children that live with the other parent; many try to meet their children as often as possible. When everything is against you with the other parent making things difficult with making things up on your agreed days to see your own children and subtly at home use the art form of blackmail you, as the other parent one day just give in. You have been through so much pain that you can not take anymore of it and just let your own kids be. How many parents are wrongly accused of being bad parents and instead the other parent the children live with uses all weapons to get back at you for all the wrongs they have suffered forgetting that the children are deprived of one of their other parent.

I wonder how the brain becomes different with left handed people, are they more creative or what?

Yup still have to decide whether it is the left or the right thing to do.

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