Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Blood sucking moth

A blood sucking moth originating from south East-Asia has been found in Finland. This new immigrant vampire moth has been here since year 2000 and long it was believed that the climate would be too cold for it to survive. Well, now the moth can be found from the east where it first arrived from to the western coast. To this day it is still unknown if the moth is repelled by the traditional mosquito sprays, or if it spreads any disease.

The soap operas of today shown on TV are so cruel. The characters are very nasty to each other, selfish and only think of how to best obtain their selfish goals, how to get richer and sadly enough the children of today have them for example of behaviour. No wonder the kids today are less considerate, they turn up as selfish and nasty,

I think the original “soap” was much nicer to watch even though they were not very nice to each other at all times either at least it was a comedy. Even worse are all the reality-TV shows were people “really” are behaving badly, at least in “Men behaving badly” you know they don’t do it for real. So now our kids are turning into conniving types more or less only thinking of how to best take advantage of every situation, as who are there to show an example, we parents are so very much entangled in our careers and never there. Just thinking of ways of how to earn more money to have a posher car than the neighbour or go on our vacation farther away than the neighbour on the other side.

I have this friend who makes these beautiful handmade candles and soaps. Most delicious, chocolate scented soaps you could almost eat, candles spreading their delicious, chocolaty scent all over your home. Luxurious French vanilla soap to use in bath, soothing lavender soap for when you have a headache and lavender candles that do the same trick.

I just love lavender candles!

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