Friday, 15 June 2007


The weather has been quite windy during the night and many locations were cut off their electricity supplies during the early morning hours. Over 30 men were injured by a sudden thunderstorm and lightning hit on two different locations 15 kms apart on Thursday night. The men were out on a military exercise out in the woods in southern eastern Finland. Most of the men were not seriously injured and about 10 of them had to be hospitalized with only three being seriously injured. There were about 300 thunderbolts hitting the ground in the area and the storm is considered to be “modest” in its’ force and people being struck by lightning only rarely leads to death.

Worst row this year was fought between off-spring and mummy dearest yesterday. When two as stubborn people as the two of us are refusing to confess their mistakes then just war breaks out and there is no logic in anything that happens after that. Luckily dear spouse was not out fishing when we were struck with thunder and lightning and could negotiate the disagreement into a more pleasant tone of voice and a while later we were business as usual. I even was hugged by the off-spring in the end, which is a good sign.

Why do people you love most annoy you more than anyone else? Some days are just fine and we all get along but then there are days that sometimes stretch over weeks when there is no one home.

Someone once said then adolescents are not at home in their minds and only after they have gone through their adolescence they turn into interesting people. Well, guess this is the “no-one-at-home” faze and I hope someone soon will be home. I do not enjoy loosing my temper in the way I just did earlier.

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