Friday, 8 June 2007

Better benefits

New research here in Finland suggest that young people from families with an academic background get more career benefits from a university degree.

Summers can be most stressful times in many different ways. Having the whole family around you around the clock in a little cabin off somewhere in the woods and it gets even worse when the off-spring turn into teenagers. There is almost certainly nothing for them to do in the woods, bad TV reception, no Internet access and maybe even bad connections for your mobile phones, which actually is what we adults find so attractive with our cabin lives. If it is raining is even less for the teenagers to do as they can not go swimming.

Well this year has brought a brilliant new addition to family life, getting a summer job.

First applying for a job then attending to a job interview finally getting the job! Just brilliant to earn some money of your own, keeps out of trouble during the days. Some of the earnings have already been used before hand, borrowed from mum to buy tickets to a rock concert, to be paid back on pay day. Finally I will get some of the money I have lent back but it will be thrilling to see what the money goes to. New mobile phone, Ipod or a lap top maybe?

Anyway, I just hope the job is just as boring as it sounds so that is will bring better inspiration for the studies to continue in the fall and we might get one more graduate in our family with “better benefits from a university degree”.

I wonder how many times they will show the clip of president Bush pouring himself a beer in a glass with the beer with the foam pouring over the edge?!? So far I have only seen it 5 times today and it is still before mid day. Anyway, pouring beer is an art form, you have to know what you are doing and patience is always a plus.

I better go make myself some more tea.

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