Thursday, 14 June 2007


Getting proper insurance can be difficult in Finland if you have received a marking in your credit records for unpaid bills.

If you have a marking registered in your credit records your insurance application might in the worst case be completely rejected or you might have to pay the fees for your insurance up to one year in advance. Even getting a home insurance might be difficult and as there currently are about 300.000 Finns with credit markings, it suggests that many families lack home insurance in this country.

Strange how some things just get jinxed, like this SONY digital camera that was given as a graduation present to the off spring last year.

In one months’ time it stopped to work properly and went for a warranty check up and as the camera did not work as it should it was replaced by a new SONY model with more pixels which was a nice surprise.

The problem is not really the camera not working properly, it is the owner of the camera shop where we got the camera from the beginning. Well, having had my own a bit more expensive about for three years than the model in question, I guess I should know something about digital cameras but being a lady, the owner thought I had no idea about anything and talked very rudely and demeaning back to us in the shop when filling in the warranty forms and sending off the camera for its’ service. He was quite sure it would turn out to be our fault and it would have been better to buy a new one in the first place.

Collecting the camera went easier as I took dear husband of mine with me and as he seems to get some respect by the photo shop owner. Then three months later the second camera began to malfunction as the previous one and also went for a warranty check up and was also replaced by a new model with more pixels, once again a nice little surprise.

The third camera has now been up and running since last fall but has now stopped working and is behaving just like the two previous ones and off spring is once again without a camera for the time being. I am not sure whether it is the camera itself that is jinxed or me going to the shop but I hope to have my spouse with me on Saturday on this one.

Unfortunately there is no proper insurance against bad shop keepers and I seem to be stuck with having to do business with this one until the camera jinx is over.

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