Thursday, 1 March 2007

Sex is business

Today a sentence was for the first time ever announced in Finland on a large scale sex business and several men got custodian sentences. Their sentences were even more severe than they had been after their first ruling before their appeal to the higher court.

If I have not got it completely wrong, this is the case where a foreign mentally handicapped woman last year was found confined to perform sexual duties to men in an apartment in the capital area of Helsinki, among several other confined women also forced to sell themselves not even receiving fair pay for their performances.

I have always wondered about illegal immigration and the business that has always been in it. Single and whole families willingly paying huge amounts of money to be smuggled abroad from their native countries in hope of a better life in the western world just ending up exploited as slave-labour.

Or in the worst case with little babies and under age children kidnapped and forced to have sex with adults. How could you even ask for their own consent as they are not old enough to understand what it is about, not to mention if your own parents are doing it?

Yes, you are supposed to love your children, and you are supposed to love each other, but not quite in this way!

Where is the world going to? Where is the common sense?
Has it always been like this but we never just heard about it like now with the media of today?

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