Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Genetics and heredity

I just found out that genetics is not as easy as has been thought earlier. It is not just the genes we inherit from our ancestors that decide how we look and are, the genes are also affected by other things by our surroundings and can be either switched on or off, and depending on from which parent you inherit them from they can affect you in different ways. Like for instance a defect genome inherited from your maternal side gives you a different disease than the same exactly in the same way defect genome inherited from your paternal side. Wow!

So it depends on not only the genomes we inherit, the environment and the lives of our ancestors also decide how we are to be and look.

No wonder the variations among humans are large and there is nobody like the unique you, as the variations and combinations still are innumerable with 30.000 genes. And the scientist were worried for a while when they found out that we “only” have about 30.000 genes as some plants can have 60.000.

Well, this certainly calls for some tea, or maybe coffee to improve my health?!?

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