Sunday, 18 March 2007

Bubbly water

There are delicious pastries called “bebe” here in Finland that I have grown very fond of. They consist of sweet pie pastry filled with a butter cream and topped with a frosting of sugar. Yummy.

Anyway, these bebes they make, they are normally oval shaped about 3 cms x 7 cms but you can also find them in a tiny round mini variety, about “two bites big” and you buy them by their weight, instead of the bigger bebes that you pay per pastry. Well, getting these tiny bebes for my birthday celebration has become some what of a tradition now and I did enjoy them yesterday, but the Sibelius champagne we bought yesterday is no champagne as they said on TV when advertising for its’ release last year.

So I am sorry, last year, I did not know what I was talking about, telling you that Sibelius is champagne and not only music. My apologies…Sibelius is not champagne, it is just a vin mousseaux or sparkling wine, and it is not even French, it is made in Germany. Thus it is no champagne at all!

It was not something to remember to buy more than once, and listening to Sibelius music can in no way improve having any of this bubbly water together with it. So great the disappointment.

I think I am going back to having Elysée instead on my birthday, and this white currant wine does not even try to pretend to be champagne, just unpretentious Finnish sparkling berry wine. Not quite the ordinary plonk either, you just have to know what to have together with it.

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