Friday, 2 March 2007

Political statement?

The up run to the Finnish Parliamentary elections are progressing towards the voting on March 18th and the advertising outdoors is now allowed with posters of the politicians showing up all over town.

TV has been full of various talks between different party members and also discussions about some of the advertising on the TV accentuating the differences between the employers and their employees it goes like a “big boss” in tacky and over-done luxury with no concern to as what things cost, biting in the middle of a big smoked whole salmon saying things like “well you’ll never get this anyway” showing around his wealthy but overdone surroundings continuing with “but you can still vote, not that it will do any difference anyway”.

This kind of advertising is a bit rich for my taste, but then I am not voting anyway as I am not even allowed to as a foreign citizen. Well, if you do not vote you can not make a change and in a democratic nation this is the only way to have your say. Now the headquarters for the Parliamentary elections of the Social democratic Party was broken into and all their computers were stolen.

Is this maybe a political statement of some kind as a reaction to some advertising or just a plain coincidence?

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