Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Campaigning for Parliament

The new ad for the union is not as controversial as the other ones, this one is just a man crying with a woman consoling him with saying: ”It is okay, you can vote, you can vote on anyone you like. No need to cry. Just vote”

Well, guess this is not a better ad to raise the partaking in the elections, maybe if the political parties and the candidates just kept their promises instead of talking “it” like mentioned in the book I mentioned about last week.

About 29%, of the Finnish citizens who are eligible to vote, that is about 1 million people, voted in advance. The voting in advance ended yesterday and so no one can now vote except on the polling stations on Election Day on Sunday. Yesterday was also the last full gathering at the Parliament before the elections and the campaigning is now becoming even more frantic. Now we see ads for the candidates in every break on TV as well as seeing them in various programs expressing their opinions, that is if you are big and known enough to be taken seriously and the so called “election peace” no more exist, that means that the campaigning by the different candidates and parties can continue until the very end of the voting.

There are quite a few immigrant candidates eligible for the parliament to choose from as well and it will be interesting to see if Finland is ready for having non-Finnish born members of parliament yet, in these elections.

The husband of current justice minister was just found out to have paid for some ad done by an advertising agency without a receipt in the last elections. That is paying no taxes and of course without her consent.

You see, the finances for running for election has to be recorded and verified officially and be on display for everybody to see and somebody did some digging as it hit the news.

Another candidate was last week involved in road accident that killed one person, claiming he has no recollection whatsoever of what happened. No matter what happened, it must be hard to continue like “the show must go on” after such a thing happening to you.

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