Thursday, 8 March 2007

Tailored results?

The Finnish airline Finnair last year suffered from a strike of cabin personnel, which caused distress to their customers and a huge setback in their results. Last year there was also a nuclear warning on their planes to Moscow when they had to search for a nuclear hazard on a couple of their planes. We still have to keep in mind that the radiation we are exposed to in an airplane in the air still is much higher than being on the ground.

You also have to re-check in your baggage as the airlines nowadays do not want to pay the costs for handling other airlines luggage to keep their own costs down when passengers change flights. If you are flying with Finnair and you are transferring to a flight that is not a Finnair flight or the company you are flying with is not a member of the One World Alliance you have to claim your luggage at the airport you are changing flights at and re-check it for the transferring airline to handle.

Finnair is presently to greatest part owned by the Finnish government and they have a say in handling the business but the company also has foreign shareholders and the Finns have been accused of hostility against foreigners as they have not announced any new board members to represent the new part-owners.

With a 22% owned by foreigners, the size of their ownership should at least allow one new member on the board. So now if the foreigners do not get anyone on the board they are selling their shares, which could mean even more trouble for Finnair.

With the prices of airline tickets getting cheaper with two bargain-airlines disappearing from the competition in Finland, Finnair still managed to make a loss last year. Finnair still seems to be doing rather even if they reported a loss last year as they have ordered 15 new planes for an amount of 15 billion Euros, if I recall it correctly, to be added to their fleet of planes for the increased demand on flights to the Far East and China.

Well having myself studied the noble art of accounting I know how to tailor the figures into suiting your own purposes and made to look something else than they really are.

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