Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Parliamentary elections

The election ad about voting done by the union I mentioned earlier, with this rich, callous businessman gluttonously eating expensive delicacies in overwhelming and “tacky” luxury speaking out his contempt of the workers’ rights, got withdrawn from the TV because of the reactions it caused among some of the parties running for the Parliamentary elections. I thought it was a bit too rich, and so apparently did others too as it is said to be an attack against the Parliamentary spokesman and the President.

Now I am thrilled to see what ad they come up with next, as there are rumours about a new ad being in the making...

Anyway, here in Finland the elections are not as aggressive as in other countries, quite mellow stuff really, nobody digging up dirt of the candidates, just an ex-girlfriend of the Prime minister getting her “true” story of their love-affair published in a book, which I doubt will make any change to anyone’s opinions of the Prime minister anyway.

Quite a few of the candidates have their own Blog on-line where you can read about their opinions on various subjects if interested, and some have been cooking in the morning TV and also quite a few of them released a book just in time for some publicity before their campaigning began.

Guess no big change will be anyway after these elections either, the participants only whitewash their statements before, tell nice stories people want to hear and then they forget about their promises after getting elected.

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