Thursday, 22 March 2007


From today on the fines you get abroad in another EU country can be collected from you when back in Finland, as well as a foreigner getting fined in Finland have to pay when back in their home country. The most fines written here in Finland are for traffic violations, well, what happens then if driving too fast and according to Finnish law the police should take your driving license from you, you being a foreigner?

At the same time there are discussions here in Finland about limiting the license of some people such as the elderly or people with some conditions to drive. Depending on your condition and where you live you could be limited to driving only day time, or just around your near home surroundings like you have to wear glasses if you sight is poorly. And with the drivers licenses getting smaller and smaller, how are you even going to see what you are allowed to do or not, if you have poor memory being elderly?!?

Anyway, the spring seems to really be on its’ way now, the weather getting warmer all the time. There is a lake I can see parts from our kitchen window, and all winter there have been sitting people on the ice fishing. They first drill a hole through the ice and then they sit there for hours and hours and try to catch some fish.

Well, with this weather keeping up it is going to be the last chances this winter to do any fishing on the ice. They have lots of ice fishing competitions, and they even have an annual contest between the Finnish and the Swedish, and this winter it was the 8th time this competition was held. I mean sitting freezing on the ice waiting for the fish to be lured to bite?!?

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