Monday, 19 March 2007

Sleet and rain

The most interesting and reported news lately have been the parliamentary elections that were held yesterday.

Less people used their right to vote than in the last elections four years ago, only an average of 67% voted. No real changes, the current prime minister continues in office with the conservative party having gained seats in the house of parliament and negotiations about cooperation by the party of the prime minister is probable in the next few days to come begin.

One strange thing though, how can a representative who already has been elected into parliament last time, getting second most votes in the home county still loose? What is the wrong with this? Who are people voting for if not for someone to represent them and most votes should get you to represent that area of the country that voted for you, or not?

And quite many celebrities were voted into the house of parliament again, so that seems to be one way to advance in politics in this country. Get a gold medal in the Olympics and get elected into the Finnish parliament.

Anyway, now the lovely mild spring weather changed back to the normal sleet and rain. No sunshine in sight. This is so depressing!

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