Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Making paper

A Finnish paper company was again in the headlines in South America about a fortnight ago, this time in Brazil where a forest plantation was occupied by friendly landowners rallying to express their opinions about the exploitation of the Amazon forest, and in the meantime nothing has lately been heard about any rallies in Argentina.

But the entire forest industry is in the headlines here in Finland.

Last year the forest industry made the record best results ever even with the long strike of paper mill industry workers during last summer. Now the forest industry employer’s organisation think that outsourcing timber yard operations is too slow and they want more of it, and in the meantime the paper workers’ union does not agree to any outsourcing at all.

So we will now see what it develops to this time, maybe there won’t be any forest industry in Finland in a couple of years as the foreign owners of the paper mills get fed up with the strikes and demands for more money, close the plants and move their business else where to tax-havens and cheaper labouring countries…

And I better stock up with toilet paper now before there is strike a on again.

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