Friday, 30 March 2007

Splitting in two or three?

Ever since last Sunday when a male priest did not appear to church to perform his duties at Sunday mass with the female parson the discussions have been going high. Did he do wrong or not?

The official stand-point of the Finnish Lutheran church is that if you work in the church, then you have to accept the views agreed upon policies, having female priests in the church being one of them or not performing marriages between people of the same sex. So there is going to be a full investigation in this matter and the culprit will have to face the reprimands.

One bishop interviewed on TV stated that “if your consciousness is against females to officiate in churches then maybe you should resign, form one church of your own splitting the church more officially than it is already divided today in just opinions. Divide the church in one with no female priests and the other one “mixed”.

Which I think is a good idea then everybody can feel at home in church as you can choose the church you attend to, if at all.

I also heard that one female priest some time ago blessed a lesbian couple after they got married, or "registered their partnership at the registrar’s office" as it is called here in Finland. This I do not know if they are going to investigate or not, but this is also something that is discussed, and it also divides the church in two. So maybe splitting the Lutheran church in three would be better?

I have always thought that female priests in a Christian church feels a bit odd, guess I have not got used to it yet, but in another religion it would be okay. ? I have never heard of a female rabbi, guru, or lama, not even a female Shinto priest.

Is there any other religion where there are females as priests?

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