Monday, 19 March 2007

Spring is here!

Amazing, this thing with the changes of the year. Today is the spring equinox and the night is as long as the day, and tomorrow the days will already be longer than the nights. Which means this is spring, no matter what the weather says!

And we are now closer to summer than before, it feels just like yesterday it was nearing Christmas with the nights just getting longer and darker, and the light is returning. I am glad I do not live in the region with daylight around the clock; I need some darkness to be able to sleep. I have been up there, where the sun never sets in the summer and I did not get too much sleep, and all the mosquitoes biting you when fishing in the sunset that goes on for hours, and the itching after their bites that does not end, not even when you scratch yourself until you bleed…

Anyway, on Sunday we are changing our clocks to summer savings time here in Finland, which normally means that everybody has an excuse to be late. Twice a year it works and you are sort of “allowed to be late”, the two days when the time is changed one hour forward, like on Sunday and in the autumn when it is changed back to “normal” or winter time again. That day you can sleep an extra hour, sad it always is on a Sunday. So I always avoid having anything on these days as much as possible, as it always goes wrong in one way or another.

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