Sunday, 11 March 2007

Big talks, no results

The first EU summit for this year was spent discussing the possible cutbacks of carbon oxide emissions and the pollution of the environment.

Every member country is to reduce their emissions best they can and to switch their energy consumption of today such as coal (which is quite inexpensive and even more if you happened to have own resources of it) and oil to a 20% coming from non-polluting and environmentally friendly energy sources until the year 2020 as the goal.

Finland being one of the 4 member countries in the EU already today having reached that goal with 25% of the energy coming from alternative, renewable and non-polluting energy sources such as wind-power and water-power was unhappy with having to make even more cutbacks at the same time with other newer member countries of the EU having not yet reached the same standards, security and consciousness in environmental matters and are desperately doing anything boosting their industry to improve their economy and they are not at all concerned about their green house emissions. So now every member country will have their own, special agenda to follow in the future.

So here we are again, big talks and no visible results. Again.
Should not we all, every human being, be concerned about our own lives? And do our best about this global problem?
Why is so difficult to get people to understand that we have to do something about it right now, as tomorrow is too late! If we all die here on planet earth there is no use of the money anyway!

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