Monday, 26 March 2007

Priest or not priest

The Finnish evangelical Lutheran church has been around for over 850 years and has today about 550 congregations with an average of 80% of the Finns belonging to the church even though not many still go to church regularly on Sundays.

Depending on how you read your bible there always are different ways to interpret things, are you reading what it says literally or are you reading between the lines in the Holy Bible. Another thing often forgotten is, from which language was your copy of the Bible translated from. Is it translated from one language to another and this done several times, then the right and original meaning has been distorted, and maybe is even completely lost.

Is God a he or a she as the word for God in Hebrew it is non-sexed and can mean either, Hebrew having been used to write the Old testament.

And in Greek, which most of the scrolls the gospels were written in, the original word for priest or officiator is also non-sexed and can be either. So if it says in the Bible “he” today, which was the intended meaning for the word used originally? Could it mean she as well?

Or “the woman shall be silent in the congregation”? Is this that one woman in particular or all women in general?
And we would even get a new meaning to each sentence letting the devil himself translate it to us!

Anyway, the first female priests were first ordained in the Finnish Lutheran church two decades ago and it has been a great controversial ever since with male priests protesting against along with members of the congregations. Last Sunday, that is yesterday, one male priest did not turn up to work in church, the one and only day they are obliged to work, Sunday, as he was to co-officiate holy mass together with the female parson.

According to my knowledge, there has been a petition passed around among the male priests in the church with 900 (?) signatures in protest against female priests in the Lutheran church. Are there even that many male priests in the church?

The church has until today officially tried to pretend that this is no problem and does not even exist, but maybe now they will have to take some kind of action, instead of just trying to smooth things over and pretend that everything is like it used to be, what you see is not there.

Or is it there? Can you see God?

Does God then exist?

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