Friday, 9 March 2007


Bullshit would in Finnish be translated to “horseshit” and a book named “Bullshit” was just released here in Finland.

The book hit the market just in time now before the parliamentary elections. The book goes quite in detail on about the art of talking bullshit and according to the author you can practise it getting better at it and become fluent in talking bullshit.

According to the interview with the author of this book especially many “good looking men” dressed in smart in suits, white collars and neckties do make good use of talking bullshit right now just before the balloting for the parliament.

And of course it would be good for any politician in any country to practice to keep talking without saying anything in as many words as possible. One part of what they are saying is probably the truth but among it are whitewashed things, some pulling wool over people’s eyes and the rest of their talk is itself, that is, pure bullshit.

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