Thursday, 29 March 2007

More fishing

About 4000 people in Finland are retired early because of depression and most of them live in the northern parts of the country. And no wonder in this, as the winter up north goes on for months without the sun rising above the horizon, which I would get depressed about. In the same way as it does not set at all for months in the summer, living up there I would not be able to sleep at all. No wonder people get depressed, not having a normal routine of day with darkness to sleep and sunshine to wake up to. Gets all your daily routines mixed up.

Well, at least they can still fish on the ice up north; guess there will be no greater risk on the lakes there yet. This over-enthusiastic friend of my spouse’s that wants to go fishing next weekend to finish off the season, I just heard that he even bought himself a new set of winter underwear to use. According to the weather forecast it will not be as warm during the weekend as it has been earlier this week, but I guess he will not need his underwear with 10 degrees either.

Unless he is planning to go swimming, wearing his new, warm underwear?!?

Thank God there still is time for his wife to think some good excuse for him to have to go fishing, some family dinner or something, as you can not plan fishing looking at the dates, weather has to be taken into concern as well.

Just hope he doesn't come down with a major depression about this!

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