Sunday, 18 March 2007

Serious cooking

My normal morning routine consist of checking out the latest the news in the morning and also to watch morning TV and check out what they have come up with for an idea of what to cook for dinner today in the Ruokala section, which would be about translated to “Diner” in English.

They send this program every weekday morning and I have been following their cookery on and off for some years now, and I am quite surprised some mornings of what goes on.
By the way, it was in this program that the different party leaders were cooking in, that I mentioned about earlier when talking about campaigning for the elections.

Anyway, I think it is good there is a show like this, giving people new ideas on what to cook for dinner, how to make dishes in new styles and easier ways though their standards in the show has come down greatly since last summer when two of the chefs quit. Anyway, some mornings my tea is at danger coming up the wrong way that is coming out through my nose!

My idea of ideas of food and cooking is inherited from my parents, my father a great chef and restaurateur in his time, and my mother also from the same trade. Nothing beats hygiene, washing your hands, keeping your hair tied up, sharp knives and proper clothing to not injure yourself. Well, imagine my surprise one morning when one of the female chefs was cooking in morning TV, in a very low-cut pink t-shirt risking showing “it all”, not to mention the hazards of burning her boobs!

I can’t even remember what she was cooking, but I would have taken more care of my “goodies” and avoided getting any splashes of hot anything on them!

No this is not the way it is to be done, if you are showing example of how it is to be done, then do show how you are supposed to dress for avoiding greater mishaps.

They do not seem to take their cooking seriously.

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