Sunday, 25 March 2007

What a waste

The electricity companies want to build more reservoirs up in northern Finland to regulate the water flow in some rivers.

The reason is that today at high rising waters and flooding occurring every spring at snow melting time, a third of the water is just let through without passing the power generators at the plants. That means that a third of the optimal electricity goes to a waste.

The building of reservoirs would also be good from the greenhouse effect’s point of view being a renewable, non-polluting energy source. But what would it do with the environment from the fish’s point of view? The salmons would no longer be able to swim to their origins somewhere up the rivers to breed and we would have no more salmon to eat, nor would the bears have any to eat either for that matter.

Another thing that worries me, if foreign companies begin to mine uranium in Finland they can according to law, dispose of their used nuclear waste in Finland. To my surprise uranium seems to be counted as a non-polluting energy source, but that must be only seen from the carbon oxide point of view. Things always seem to be left out of their real context, just taking in concern what is convenient to know and not all the facts, guess this is what statistics is all about.

There is big money in uranium, coal, gas and oil for the suppliers of them, no wonder they are lobbying for the use of the to car manufacturers for example and work against development and innovations on alternative energy sources.

I just heard that they have found a planet 20 light years distance away outside our own solar system where it seems like probable that life could exist. The planet is believed to be very similar to our own planet earth, and that kind of feels good, maybe there is a chance for the human life to continue even after this planet has been exploited to the limits for our selfish purposes.

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