Friday, 16 March 2007

Bad hair day

I have long wondered what a “bad hair” day is. I mean, my hair still does what it wants to no matter what I try to do with it. Have tried it all, shampoos, conditioners, hair mousses, gels and sprays, curling tongs and flattening irons, once I have done my hair and go outdoors my hair still falls out of the shape it was forced into and looks just the same as it did before. Only thing is to keep it tied up in a pony-tail or done up with pins, then it stays. Does this mean I do not have any bad hair days, or does it mean that I have them always?

Anyway, right now is not the time to go strolling in nice sunny spring weather in town here in Finland if you want to be left alone. Try crossing any square in town and you’ll get harassed by several campaign workers and even by some candidates running for the parliament trying to push some paper in your hand, chatting you up asking if you are going to vote. Well, no use telling anyone anything about not being able to vote as a foreigner, as the next one will jump on you as soon you leave the first one behind. So if you are going out now for a lone walk in the sun, get your darkest sunglasses on and turn the volume up on your mp3-player with your favourite music. And try avoiding town squares.

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