Wednesday, 28 February 2007

New neighbours

How delightful is it not to get new neighbours? And to find out the ingenuity of your new neighbours on waking you up in new ways as early as possible in the morning, especially in the weekends?

So far this week I woke up with a bad migraine by repetitive banging on the wall just next to my head, baby crying for hours and hours (why didn’t anyone do anything about it, I almost went to ring on the door) and a dog howling for hours. Today I was woken up by just gentle tapping on the wall and not banging. And there is absolutely no use in complaining about it to the neighbours, (they’d just get annoyed at you) and not to the Board of the apartment building either. You just have to put up with it or move or hope they soon will. Why is it always that the ones behaving nicely have to suffer silently? What happened to the happy ending “And they lived happily ever after”?

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