Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentine’s!

Here in Finland Friend’s Day is celebrated differing from the Valentine’s Day better known Internationally as Sweetheart’s Day. Here it is a quite recent the tradition, compared to France or Britain where St. Valentine’s has been celebrated since the 12th century. Here it is customary to send your friends a card telling them that you care.

You do not love friends, that would be too much in Finland!

Of course the restaurants and shops advertise with different Valentine’s Day “love” paraphernalia, and advertising is made on TV about buying your sweetheart flowers, but the same compulsory ” wine and dine” your loved one or spouse, is not, at least yet, widespread here. I just hope that my husband remembers to come home today, as he left an hour too early this morning noticing the real time walking to the car, then returning for some more coffee watching the morning TV and the news for an extra hour. Guess with that beginning of the day I can not expect him to remember to buy me any flowers, even if it is Valentine’s Day.

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