Monday, 26 February 2007


One peculiar custom I can not stop wondering about is the discussion of this or that virus causing the flu here in Finland.

They talk about the A-virus or a ROTA-virus and it is that virulent this year and it causes these symptoms. Just like they were old friends, which they are not. So now we live with an A-virus flu to come this winter, and it is said to be a milder variation of the same circulation amongst the population last winter and if you are lucky you had it then so you will not catch it now. Or you have it like I do; it never really hits you for you to have to stay in bed to cure yourself, so you just keep on going when poorly and half ill and for a long, long time.

Hey, this is viruses we are talking about, they change all the time and there is no cure for them before you get immune to the variation you have been infected with. Or is there?

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