Monday, 19 February 2007

Paper pushing

If you have lived in Finland then you know what it means if you have to do business with KELA, the place to contact if you are ill, retired, having children and other similar benefits.

Just filling one of their applications can be difficult enough and you also have to supplement with the right papers and get a neat pile to send them. Wonder how many papers KELA receive every day?

Anyway, trying to find out what happened a couple of years ago is impossible as you never get any answers from them and trying to make an appeal based on the answers they never gave you, well you might guess yourself. No way!

The problem with KELA is, with them running them selves; they also are to correct their own errors. What do you do with two completely different decisions on the same issue done the same day, by two different persons? Even worse is to get two differing decisions made by the same person on the same day about the same thing!

Where do you appeal to as there is no one supervising them?!?

At least not to the European Court in Brussels, no use at all as they have, at least to my knowledge, to this day ignored to correct several appeals against them won by the complainant.

So end of last week and this weekend I have spent digging in my own personal file of papers and trying to get an end to begin at, and I now have an idea of what really happened. But knowing what to do about ti is a completely different issue.

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