Monday, 19 February 2007

Nightwish seeks singer

The World famous hard-rock band Nightwish has now been seeking for a new singer since their previous singer Tarja Turunen quit the band.

Reportedly the band has received several hundred of applications, most of them from abroad and the band has now moved over to listening to the received Demos from the applicants. I wonder if it is as bad as the TV-program American Idol or the Finnish version Idols?!?

Or listening to some singers at a karaoke evening in a bar when some entertain you by sounding like they were trying to kill the cat?

Anyway, the band looks for a singer as charismatic and with as great voice as their previous singer has. Wonder if their next vocalist will be a female or male one? Guess their sound will never be the same.

But life goes on and we all have to change and adjust to cope with the changes of life.

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