Monday, 5 February 2007

Condensed friendship

Do you suffer from migraines?

If you do not then you will probably not understand why I have not been able to post lately. Migraine is something I do not even wish my worst enemies, that is if I had any.

I sometimes wonder about people who do not suffer from headaches at all, imagine, there actually are people who do not have headaches, so how would they understand if your head hurts like the only thing you wish for is to die? And that you would do just anything to die when a real bad migraine hits you?

The closest I can come to think of to explain migraine to anyone whom do not suffer from it would be giving birth to a child, but hey, how do you explain that even to your own husband?

Well, as it happens my husband has migraines too so he gets the idea. As a matter of fact he used to have worser spells than I and he also suffered from the more often than I did. One thing that is good with getting older though, you dot not get your migraines as often as when younger.

I am happy to grow old!

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