Monday, 29 January 2007

Health-care favours the rich

So what’s new? If a CEO goes to the doctor with the National Healthcare, his family-doctor, dressed in his Bond Street tailored suit even if obese, (which in this case means well-being), complaining about his difficulties to write his signature on papers because of his arthritis, well of course he gets better treatment than the unemployed, obese, (and in this case it means stupid and fat), single-mom with the same arthritis, complaining about not being able to carry home her groceries from the bus-stop as she is not worth to treat in anyway. She just gets some painkillers and is sent home as she is only a cost to the healthcare and gives nothing back to the community with being unemployed.

Whilst even if the same CEO would go to the doctor unshaved and dressed in just jeans and sneakers he would be sent to the lab for blood tests to find out what is wrong with him.

So what is wrong?

Is there really a difference in the treatment of the patients by the healthcare personnel, or is just the CEO with his higher education and better self-esteem better suited to ask for and get what he asks for than just divorced single-mother? Is she with her lesser self-esteem only misunderstood and too tired to struggle for what she is entitled to, which would be the proper treatment for her illness?

Some researches suggest that there is a difference in the health of people depending on their employment and education maybe that is true but one thing is for sure. People are treated differently depending on their look.

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