Saturday, 27 January 2007

Elitist shopping

You should know how to dress to be able to shop as you might be treated like you dress, or talk for that matter.

There is a department store that has store in some of the major cities in Finland, and even some places abroad such as Estonia and Russia. If you go shopping there especially in the store they have in Helsinki, in the women’s clothes department, or men’s wear for that matter, speaking Finnish, then the sales persons do not even pretend to see you, even if you are dressed smartly.

Try the same thing when without make-up and dressed like coming from you country home and speak Finnish Swedish, then the elitist salespersons all compete to service you.

I have tried this myself and seen it work this way. Why?

Well, my theory is that the upper class used to be Swedish speaking. As today there no more is a such distinct difference between the elite of a upper-class of company CEO’s and other well paid people, and the Finns have a tradition of fear and awe for the patron and boss, they act accordingly. They respect the one who pays the wages not to loose their job.

Am I wrong? So stop thinking about racism here, it even exits between the Finns themselves, there is no equality in this country, not between the sexes or in any other way. Or is there?

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