Friday, 12 January 2007

Wolf alert!

Well, the quiet rural town of Hämeenlinna is once again visited by wildlife, this time a wounded wolf had found its' way in to town.

And the EU are against the Finnish Governments hunting laws for wolves. I guess it is, as most of the EU-countries and their representatives do not have to live with the beasts nextdoor!

If they did have the wolves as neigbours I guess they might be more positive for shooting them as well.
Imagine your children walking peacefully to school and meeting a wolf! This is not the story of Red-riding hood and the wolf, this is every day life here in
Finland in many parts of the country, especially the eastern parts.
I am for wildlife, but maybe not quite right on my doorstep!
And I am lucky to not live in Hämeenlinna, it seems to be a place a litlle too exciting for me.

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