Monday, 1 January 2007

Home alone at New Year

No off-spring home on New Year's Eve no party to attend to, just he two of us home alone, my husband and I. Well, after a nice meal we got as far as to bed watching TV when the eldest came home to get something forgotten and was quite surprised to see the two of us in bed so early in the evening.

Mum, dad, what on earth are you doing?!?

So on to the Champagne, or wine mousseaux as it was Australian sparkling wine this time. Nice quiet night home alone. Fireworks at midnight, then to bed to first be awaken in the middle of the night a couple of hours later by an sms from a forgetful friend of mine who was not quite aware of what the time is in Finland when midnight over there, and the second time by the alarm of my husband who had forgotten to set it off automatic.

Guess we both did look like we had done everything but sleep!

We always have our traditional new year’s family dinner, and this year for the first time with companions, at noon which is earlier than used to before, as I want to check out the condition after yesterdays celebrations of off-spring and their companions. They have been very good so far, no one forgot about coming home to dinner, one running a bit late, and forgot to ring and mention about it to me.

Thank God for roasted potatoes they can take about half-an-hour extra in the oven!

No off-spring unsober or hang-over, nice! And I managed to get us through dinner without any mishaps, which means good for the new year to come as I am a bit superstitious about the first day of the year, it giving the general idea of how the rest of the year goes.

The second most common New Year’s promise must be to quit smoking, as my spouse also promised to do last year. He did not smoke for two days and was as grumpy as never before, and on the third day we, that is the off-spring and I, could not take it anymore so we told him to get some cigarettes ASAP! And he did buy his accustomed cigarettes, and we lived happily ever after for another year.

And we are not going to let him quit smoking this year again! "Darling, could you please nip down to the store and get daddy a packet of his cigarettes so he can’t quit smoking!

Same procedure as last year!

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