Friday, 5 January 2007


The winter has not been as it has used to be in the earlier years we have been living here in Finland. We now do have something that reminds of snow, but still not as much snow or some whitish stuff as used to.

They say this is going to be the warmest year in Europe, as the migrating birds have not moved further south than mid-europe instead of their accustomed Africa.

The green-house effects, pollution and that the world is heating up. Well, they used to be able to grow grapes up here in Scandinavia in the bronze-age, so maybe we will be able to make our own wine here in Finland soon, shame about the skiing though.

But I was never good on skis anyway, but the after-ski is nice, and I guess it will be more after-ski as in used to once ski, if this keeps up!

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