Thursday, 25 January 2007

Drugging your own kids

Quite controversial has recently become the discussion if to medicate or not to medicate children for Adhd with Ritalin and other similar amphetamine related drugs.

It certainly has good effects on some children with the disorder, but others are not helped at all and still end up being difficult to cope with. I have over the past few years with wonder watched various comedy-shows such as MadTv and South Park joke about it, quite funny they were and some even funnier when one of the off-spring was diagnosed with Adhd some time ago. You can really not appreciate it until you experience it yourself, if it works or not works, if there is any difference in the child‘s behaviour at all.

Then you have to weigh the pro's against the con's.

Well, at least we have had good feed-back from school and our home life has also become more relaxed with fever tantrums from the child in question or raging outbursts from respective parents for various disagreements upon behaviour and envious siblings wondering about differences in what is allowed to or not.

So yes, I am for drugging my child, no matter how disgusting it may sound. It has proven effect. We are all happier with the medication, the child in question, the sibling and even school.

And maybe, like in desperate housewives, this mum could also sometimes do with some Ritalin too, to get things going when all time seems to run out?

Guess it works better than my normal cup of tea!

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