Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Old memories coming back

Have you ever read on old diary of your own? I have never been very good at keeping a diary, most of the ones I have kept over the year have been full of long gaps in time, and the couple of the ones I kept more continuously have been burnt in the storage-place we had hired among other precious mementos and things from my childhood.

Anyway, when reading old diaries it is funny how all the long gone memories and feelings come back to you. You suddenly miss people you have not thought about for decades, or feel the disappointment, anger or happiness of long gone days. You kind relive the days. I am quite proud of myself after having kept my Blog now for almost a year. It was not as often in the beginning but I have lately had as my goal to write at least every other day and succeeded quite well with that. Sometimes my postings can take a couple of days due lacking possibilities to connect to the Internet when we are away from home or from busy holidays like Xmas for instance.

But I will keep on writing, as I hope you will be back to my Blog reading what has been going on lately.

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