Monday, 15 January 2007

Winter-sport season can begin!

Now, finally there is snow here in Finland and the winter-sport season can begin!

The off-spring has been going on hard about their disappointment on about the snow situation and all the missed opportunities going skiing. One of the fun parts about living in Finland. A severe storm hit the southern coast of Finland during the weekend that coming across the Baltic Sea from southern Sweden, here it was not as bad as seen from the news with trees falling over everywhere, electric breakdowns and buildings falling apart.

Anyway, during the storm the harbour of Turku, one of the main shipping harbours here in Finland, was flooded by half a meter of water due to the gale force winds. Must be strange to be on the seaside and not know where the waterfront really is. Imagine walking off the jetty as you do not see the waters' edge!

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