Thursday, 15 February 2007


Have you ever thought about the water that comes out of your tap at home?

What kind of water is it, is it potable or not? And what do you do with it? You drink it of course, cook with it, wash your clothes, do your dishes and you bathe and shower in it, in pure drinking water. Hey, we even flush it down the loo! Then we buy fancy bottles with foreign water as "they taste better" and are "healthier" for you.

What a waste of energy and resources!

A great part of the world's population has problems daily in getting decent potable water, and now with the greenhouse effect and the arctic ice melting, the weather changing and more floods predicted and the sealevels rising the shortage of drinking water is going to increase even more. What do you drink when your tap-water is contaminated by your own sewage water?

Is this something we should begin to take in concern in the western world?
Now? Before it is too late to do anything anymore like with the global warming?

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