Saturday, 24 February 2007

Skiing accidents

In the times of the ongoing winter-hollidays and skiing season being at its’ heights more accidents are reported. Especially the young tend to injure themselves and more seriously than before, even as they wear more safety helmets than earlier. The increase of injuries is said to depend on people showing less respect and not taking other skiers in concern on the slopes, and also the use of snowboards with more jumps and rails are said to contribute to the growing seriousness of the skiing accidents of broken wrists and knee injuries.

Well, with our annual week of skiing holidays I still have the same skills as I acquired years ago, I take it slow downhill and am just happy to sometimes still be upright when arriving at the bottom by lifts which the off-spring make jokes about.

At least I do not get injured that often, even though I am quite accident prone.

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