Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Politicians showing the way

It is the time for the Parliamentary elections on March 18th, and last week was the last full session in the house before the elections. And now the politicians are running fulltime for the elections and they are seen all the time on the TV, having discussions with each other on different issues or being interviewed, but the strangest thing was to see them on the Helsinki Casino drinking wine and playing Black Jack and Roulette.

I wonder the point is, in showing them off in fancy dresses and surroundings? With several thousand people living out in the cold in the streets with more than twenty degrees below zero in the winter, and having no where else to go, not having any means to buy themselves decent clothes or food?

Guess there is a new elitist class in Finland after all, regardless of all talks about equality between citizens and the attenuation between the social classes. Even the socialist politicians are for the equality between the politicians and want better pay.

The sessions in the Finnish house of Parliament are often broadcasted on TV and when voting on different issues, even important ones I would think, not many of the representatives are present to place their votes. Why should they get better pay when they are never there doing their job?

Is this the elite showing how to behave, for the masses to follow their suite?

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