Friday, 27 April 2007

Veteran’s Day

Today is a national flagging day, the national veterans’ day, the day to commemorate the veterans that fought in the war. And the war usually referred to is the World War II.

There are still surprisingly many of veterans still alive, they are old, many of them handicapped and the rehabilitation of veterans in Finland has been first class and prioritized among other things. The veterans have themselves so far every year at Xmas time had a collection of their own to help them get by in their daily lives, but now I have heard that this tradition is to stop, no more raising funds for the veterans. Why?

Today I know that young men doing their compulsory military service are collecting money in the streets on the behalf of the veterans. So if you are out there in the streets and see them, give them some money.

If Finland had not been as fierce fighting for its’ freedom the whole of Scandinavia might have been occupied as Estonia was, with fights today about removing statues being symbols of the oppression.

On the news we are told that last night big clashes took place in the centre of the capital Tallinn between the police and demonstrators in the vicinity of the statue I told you about a month ago, some demonstrating for the removal of the statue and others against it and the statue was removed during the night and I guess that is not the last we have heard of it.

I have difficulties to even try to imagine how it would be not to be allowed to say aloud what you think, even less that there would be a totalitarian government forcing the media into strict censorship what they tell, not having freedom to speak. This actually in a way has existed in Finland ever since the war and still is going on today.

Okay, off topic again, I must get me some more tea!

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