Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Desperation of Fame

As you might know Finland won last year’s Eurovision song contest with “Hard, rock, hallelujah” performed by the hard rock band “Lordi” which means that the next song contest will be held in Finland.

Just after they won the contest the Lordi fever was quite high here but now it has calmed down, one thing that is getting worse is the Eurovision contest advertisements shown on TV. The ads shown are really bad as they are not even done by professional advertising agencies, they are just as amateurish as they can get as there was a competition so anyone could send in their own ad, and everyone seems to have done so. The desperation to get on TV has become ridiculous recently, all the celebrity wannabees, you just want to get in TV and become famous, and no matter for what ever reason. I can not really understand this desperation of people to get famous.

I think it is pathetic, really sad with all these reality-TV shows they come up with, surviving on a desert island, living in a house for a month, become the newest top model, date two at the same time and dump the other one in public only to mention a few of the ones broadcasted and with the same concept used around the world in different countries.

They create a craving to become famous, as anyone can be the lucky one. But how funny is being famous really, as anyone ever thought of why so many celebrities have problems with alcohol or their relationships break up even faster than ordinary people’s?

How fun can it be to be in the tabloids all the time, having paparazzi following you around at all times when having a bad hair day, reading in the papers you spouse had “just a fling” with your best friend?

I most certainly do not want to have my life made public to the whole world and do not want to get on TV, ever. I do not even think it is appropriate for a “proper lady” to get her name in the newspapers more than to advertise births, engagements, marriages and deaths. But maybe this just means that I am getting old?

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