Friday, 13 April 2007

Accident day

Why is the number 13 considered unlucky?

I have not considered it be any worse or better for that matter, than any other day. There are hotels that do not have a room with number 13, or a floor that is the 13th. Why? And you are not to be seated 13 at a table either, and they say it is because they were 13 at the table at Jesus’ last supper. Why should that make any difference, a number?

Anyway, today on Friday the 13th it is the national accident day here in Finland. ?!?

And about 1000 people have an accident every day and have to seek medical advice for it with most accidents happening in the home and the near vicinity of it. Being a housewife I know that accidents can happen. Cutting yourself with a knife or burning yourself when cooking, slipping on the wet kitchen floor or the bathroom floor and falling badly, like in my washing machine incident I have told you earlier about. Or you forget your mobile in the pocket of your trousers washing it, or it drops out of your pocket in to the toilet…but I guess these you do not need to seek a doctor’s advice for.

By the way, why all these Father’s day, Women’s day, Water day, against racism day etc during the year as most people have no idea about them anyway as they are so badly advertised?

Well, now it is water day again here, the lake has no ice left on it and it is so nice looking at the waves on the surface of it, makes s a nice difference from the ice that was there. And do not get me wrong, I like the ice too when it just arrives. I am just fond of the change of the seasons.

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