Tuesday, 10 April 2007


Today the newly elected announced that they have agreed upon forming a four party government , a blue-green government, and the present prime minister is presumed to be continuing in his office. I wonder how four parties with as varying priorities can come to an agreement from where to begin their reign and be successful in it. But then, as they say, “The loveliest harmonies arise from differences”. Who was it that said that, some French philosopher? Or German maybe?

Anyway, the Finnish customs are now investigating suspected fraud and tax-evasion in steel exports and the actions of some employees in the company suspected in the case, and if I have not got it all wrong, the company in question is part owned by the government. The Finnish government is currently part-owner of 440 companies to subside their operations and helping them to get started and Finland is the least corrupt country in the world according to International research, but what does this suggest?!?

I know, it was Heraclitus! And the full quote is:

“Opposites always complement each other.
The loveliest harmonies arise from differences.”

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