Sunday, 29 April 2007

Soup day

A friend of mine suffers from soft tissue neuralgia, so called fibromyalgia with pains since years. She was just recently diagnosed and has since then been trying different medications for her condition with various results.

She has tried all the antidepressants which are said to be good use in this particular condition but has had to discontinue using them due to everything from violently itching rash to allergic reactions with her throat swelling up and difficulty to breathe. She continued with some beta-blockers but they did not do the trick as the anti-depressants did disregarding from the side effects.

Now the latest one for her to try is a medication also used for epilepsy and neuralgia. This medication is told to have the side effects of making you drowsy and giving you nausea. Well, quite the opposite, for her at least. She has now been on the medication for three days with first dose taken at nights to taper on steadily increasing her dose for two months time. Well, she has so far been sleepless with her pains increasing since she began to take the medication.

Three hours sleep since she began with it, no need for uppers for her but need for more painkillers though.

Anyway, off-spring is quite quiet today, there is a flu that is passed around and bed is the place to be with mummy making soup and chamomile tea. So I guess I could do with some of her medication to keep up with the cooking.

So I better get some more soup going on the stove!

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